Ice Cream Graphing

Ice Cream Graphing

Ice Cream Graphing can help you in teaching or learning charts. The goal of the game is to construct a pie chart and bar graph based on ice cream orders that you keep getting during the game.

Best Business Simulations For Free

The internet has opened up many opportunities for parents who want their kids to learn more of what is happening around them. Kids are not only learning from books or from tutors, but also getting more information from the internet. Through the use of online business game simulations, parents can teach their kids basic business skills.

Best Math Competitions for Kids

Just like any other subject, students who study mathematics get the opportunity to sharpen and socialize with like-minded students through participating in competitions. These competitions act as good ground for students to showcase their mathematical skills and even learn new ones and improve on their problem solving skills.

Best Books on Fun Maths

Drawing kids attention to maths is easy with suitable tools at hand. The following books are both fun and interactive and will for sure make your kids fall in love with math!

Excel Makes Maths Easy for Children

Learning has never been this easy and simple. Technology has not only simplified the way people interact with each other but has made learning easy and fun. Excel worksheets have found their way in schools and homes where they are being used in helping students learn more and practice their math skills.



Moonmaths is one of the games fully based on the Math time tables. It shows a creative way for children to get enough knowledge in time tables and it is also the easiest way to learn the math quickly.

Best Business Games to Play at Home

Business games are wonderful tools that teach not only kids but also adults the importance of forming the right strategy when running a business. Most of the business games emphasize the importance of treating the customer right as they are the main reason why a business exists.



This is the game created to enhance the logical and scientific fundamentals related to colors. It is one of the best games for children who want to learn to solve the math problems in a fun way.

Do You Know Math Facts?

Many students find mathematics to be a challenging subject and in the process struggle to achieve good grades. However, contrary to what most students have let themselves to believe, math is not difficult; it only requires practice for you to understand it.

Make Learning Math Interesting Using Games

Some students find math interesting while others dread even the mention of the name itself. Some of the reasons for their dislike of the subject is probably due to the wrong perception they have on math. They might also appear not interested in math due to what others, especially family members, think of the math. However, this does not have to be the case as there are ways of making the subject fun and interesting.